Testimonials from our valued customers

“No need to travel thousands of miles to get traditional Thai massage. Meta Traditional Thai massage is unequalled in precise pressure that's great for healing and relaxing that I feel rejuvenated and recharged after this traditional Thai massage.”

Polly S. Cortez
Concord, CA

“Yesterday, I and a friend had the pleasure of going to a new Massage place called Metta Traditional Thai Massage. The atmosphere was wonderful, the staff was great and most importantly – the massage was Outstanding – in my opinion, the best I had ever had. Datchy and her associate worked on my entire body with some emphasis on my left shoulder and back – where I was having some serious problems with.

I had not been able to sleep well in over a month and a half because of the pain. Last night, I slept like a baby and was pain free the entire night. When I woke up I felt so refreshed that I was able to workout before going to work without a problem. I cannot thank Datchy and her staff enough for the excellent massage and service I received. I look forward to my next appointment with them on Monday! I completely recommend Metta Traditional Thai Massage for everyone. I have been to at least a dozen places throughout the Bay Area, but Metta is clearly the best.”

Maria Marinsantos
Daily City, CA

“As an entrepreneur running a non-profit organization and 3 private businesses, I still want an active, physical lifestyle. I play softball during the week and baseball on the weekends. I practice self-care to maintain my energy level and overall health. I want to maintain my quality of life for the long-term. Over the past year, having Datchy Colvin work on my body with her Thai massage techniques, 2-3 times a month, I’ve stopped seeing a chiropractor. I haven’t missed a game due to injury this year, I feel re-energized and rejuvenated. Although Datchy is reasonable in pricing, the value she brings to the table (no pun intended) is priceless. Datchy always over-delivers! I highly recommend her.”

Bryan M. Balch
Pleasanton, CA

“I had knee replacement surgery four weeks ago and decided to try Thai massage as complementary medicine to the prescribed physical therapy for rehabbing my knee. My knee, leg and hip feel fantastic! Thank you, Datchy at Metta Thai Massage!”

Deirdre Z.
Concord, CA

“I don't have body pains but I decided to have my first Thai massage out of curiosity. I like deep massages with pressure and I got what I wanted at Metta Traditional Thai Massage in Albany, CA. My masseuse's name is Oh and I recommend that you try her! The thorough deep pressure hit spots in my back and arms that when pressed felt sore but with the perfect amount of pressure the pain went away. Twists and stretches loosened up tight spots that after the whole session, I felt like the internal parts of my body were just floating... The whole experience was refreshing!

By the way, the appropriate type of bed/table matters to me with massage sessions. What they have at this place was very comfortable and we were served with pandan tea which is soothing; a nice addition to the whole relaxing experience!”

Arlene Lozada
San Pablo, CA

“I'd never had a Thai massage before and the experience I had at Metta Traditional was incredible. I didn't really know what to expect but the stretches and pressure were so spot-on! I left feeling relaxed and couldn't wait to make my next appointment! You've gotta try it! And, the staff was very warm and welcoming; I did not feel rushed but made to feel very comfortable.”

Lehny Corbin
Fairfield, CA